We’ve all read books and thought, “Hey that’s something I want to try.” But most of us struggle to convert this inspiration into action. We have designed our workshops to provide a bridge between the ideas in The NEW School Rules book and the reality of your teams and organizations. Our interactive workshop activities will ensure that your team can change the way you work together, make decisions, share information, and plan for change. These workshops energize teams and provide tangible strategies to use in your day-to-day work. We offer workshops on the six rules, individually or in combination. We also provide customized workshops based on your needs.

Rule #1: Plan for Change, Not Perfection

Rule #2: Build Trust and Allow Authority to Spread

Rule #3: Define the Work Before You Define the People

Rule #4: Aim for “Safe Enough to Try” Versus Consensus

Rule #5: Harness the Flow and Let Information Flow

Rule #6: Schools Grow When People Grow

If you’re interested in bringing us in to lead a workshop for your team or organization on The NEW School Rules or on related topics (see more ideas on our consulting services page), please fill out the contact form below.

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