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We’ve all read books and thought, ‘hey that’s something I want to try.’ But most of us struggle to convert this inspiration into action. The NEW School Rules makes it easer and safe for you and your team to take action.”

About Keara

Keara Mascareñaz leads work in in change management, leadership development, school design, and innovation. She has deep experience as a facilitator, consultant, and project manager. As a Managing Partner at Education Elements, Keara has supported system-wide change at more than 500 district and school partners. She has led projects for rural, urban, and suburban schools and districts, including dozens of Gates Foundation Next Generation Learning Challenge schools and regions, Gates Next Generations Systems Initiative grantees, and Race to the Top district winners. She used this experience leading change to create interactive activities for The NEW School Rules that any team can use to start rethinking the way they work.

Additional Information

Keara began her career as a third grade teacher on the Navajo Reservation. She worked as a college coach, history teacher, operations manager, and curriculum designer; and through this work, she learned how to effectively communicate about and engage folks in the work of large-scale change. Keara has been a featured speaker at the iNACOL Symposium, Gates Next Generation Network, District Administration Leadership Institute, and personalized learning summits and district leadership events around the country. Keara’s research interests include: how to build and scale a culture of innovation in large systems, how to create national communities of collaboration, and how to keep laughing when pursuing daunting, large-scale changes. Keara was selected as one of twenty fellows in the national Pahara NextGen Network that focuses on developing leaders who will change the future of education. Keara grew up in rural, southern Oregon and currently lives in Denver.

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Working with Keara

“Keara inspired us to rethink what innovation looked like in a traditional public school.  She cultivated our organizational passion and commitment in improving learning opportunities for students and staff.  She rocked our boat and we were never so happy to be uncomfortable.” – Ryan Russell, Assistant Superintendent at MSD of Warren Township, Indiana

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