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“District and school leaders play an important role in establishing a culture that encourages effective collaboration, creativity, and learning for everyone

– Anthony Kim

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By partnering with us to implement The NEW School Rules and address your organizational challenges, you will be collaborating with a team of seasoned educators, designers, engineers, and change management experts with a proven track record in our work with districts. We approach each partnership with the mindset that while we can share what has worked elsewhere, we must seek to understand the current culture and context of each district and school.

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How to Partner with Us

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Whether it’s for a special event, summer institute, or initiative launch, our keynotes will help inspire you and your team, make you laugh, and provide the critical frameworks for your success.

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If, like many, you have tried activities from the book, but believe that you would benefit from a guide to walk you through concepts from The NEW School Rules, we would love to help.

Our workshops are custom-designed to meet your needs.


Leaders with unique circumstances, complex projects, or high stakes initiatives may want additional support and guidance to implement The NEW School Rules with their teams.

Our consulting services provide capacity building and coaching for your teams.

Speakers and Presenters

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Anthony Kim

Anthony Kim

Author & Speaker

Alexis Gonzales-Black

Alexis Gonzales-Black

Author & Speaker

Keara Duggan

Keara Duggan

Facilitator & Speaker

Kawai Lai

Kawai Lai



Managing Roles #3A

We often think of our role as our job title, but roles are actually fluid and change frequently based on the needs of teams and organizations. Rethinking the relationship between roles, accountabilities, and people is an essential component in changing the way work gets done and decisions get made within and across teams.

Here’s what we’re reading and writing

Articles, reports, and activities related to The NEW School Rules

Reboot Our Schools

We need to reorganize our schools to mirror our day-to-day lives so formal learning is more relevant to students and the school workplace is more appealing to our teachers.

Workout #5A

This workout supports Sharing Information Rule #5. It helps you take messages and chunk them into small, medium, and large pieces based on effort and expiration.

Rethink Consensus

Consensus as a strategy is often overused and misused. Instead of defaulting to consensus, we need to focus on how to get clearer about roles and authority.

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