Certified Facilitators

Gabby Hewitt

Gabby Hewitt is a Senior Design Principal at Education Elements who leads work with small and large districts across the country to impact student growth and success. She also co-hosts the podcast series Elements of Change, which shares stories from education leaders for education leaders about making transformational change in schools and districts. Gabby has been a classroom teacher, team leader, and district manager for new teachers. Over the last decade, she has cultivated expertise in adult professional development. She supports districts leaders in utilizing The NEW School Rules to make their teams and districts more responsive. The new rule Gabby lives by is Rule #4: Aim for “Safe Enough to Try” versus Consensus because it can significantly help teams utilize one of their greatest resources — time — more efficiently.


Megan Campion

Megan Campion is an Associate Partner at Education Elements who works with large and small districts across the country to solve complex problems. She has worked in schools as a teacher, team leader, and school administrator, and with schools, charter networks, and districts as a program manager and research consultant.  Since 2005, she has cultivated expertise in identifying the root causes of challenges and developing effective solutions. She guides district teams as they implement The NEW School Rules to build nimble, responsive, and joyful organizations. The new rule Megan lives by is Rule #2: Build Trust and Allow Authority to Spread, because creating opportunities for people to reach their full potential is why she got into education.


Jennifer R. Beagan

Jennifer is a Senior Program Director of Teaching and Learning at Allegheny Intermediate Unit. Jennifer has been an educator for 29 years, serving as a K-8 teacher, gifted education instructor and building principal in Michigan. In 2001, she relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was hired by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. Jennifer has held leadership positions as the Senior Program Director, Teaching and Learning working with a variety of programs: Waterfront Learning, PA-Educator.net, transformED, and the K-12 ESL Program Director. Currently, she leads Waterfront Learning, an online virtual academy program involved in the direct instruction of 1000+ students and the professionals whose responsibilities are aimed at providing high-quality, leading-edge cost-effective services throughout the Commonwealth. She also is part of the team responsible for transformED: a Digital Playground for Teachers.

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